Sales Process



Acquiring a property can be a little more complicated than obtaining the right price. When dealing with exclusive property sales, transfers usually go to the buyer who best meets the seller’s requirements.

When making an offer we make sure our clients appear as preferred buyers, ensuring you are seen as a quality buyer with the right background, coupled with efficient representation and the most expedient offer. 

We act to take care of every aspect of acquiring a property, assuring that every stage is prepared and ready to proceed at a moment’s notice so that you can not only acquire the property you want but secure your place at the top of the buyer’s list. 

Additionally we can arrange a number of services for our clients from architects and interior designers to chartered surveyors, valuers and financial advisors. We can also assist clients from overseas to navigate through British legal laws and regulations, providing consultation throughout. 


Making the Offer

When making an offer on your behalf we will act to make you a preferred buyer, ensuring you are seen as the best choice and your offer is ready to proceed without hindrance. Once the offer is accepted we will make sure your appointed solicitor has everything they need to finalise the transaction.


As the offer is accepted your solicitor will begin with conveyancing, preparing the license to assign and delivering a home buyer report. We will negotiate the contract of sale or lease on your behalf and assist overseas clients in navigating British law. A property survey will be required to ensure the property meets its standards along with a final valuation and land registry check. Once these have been verified we will proceed with the contracts. 

Exchanging Contracts

Once contracts have been exchanged you will arrange a transfer of your deposit (usually 10%) and the remainder will be paid by the completion date (typically 28 days) for purchase. Your appointed solicitor will draw up a transfer document and send it to the seller’s solicitor. Once contracts have been exchanged your solicitor prepares the draft transfer document. This document transfers the title of the property from the seller to the buyer. Once both parties have agreed on the draft, it is signed by both the buyer and the seller.


On the day of completion you will also have to pay the balance of the price on the house (the agreed price minus the deposit which you have already paid), usually through your solicitor or conveyancer. We will make sure that this stage is secured in advance to ensure a smooth completion. The seller's deeds are now handed over to buyer, and arrangements are made for any outstanding mortgages on the property to be paid off.

Hand Over

With the property now in your possession, you will receive the keys and be able to move in. 


We offer an extensive after-care service to help make your move as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Our property management service can help make moving home a memorable and exciting experience, taking care of utility transfers, legal consignments, transfer of your personal items, property maintenance and arranging interior design, architectural or gardening services so that you can focus on making your new home exclusively yours. 


Selling a home or investment property is one of the biggest financial decisions made in life, so making the right choice is crucial.

Finding the right consultant is the key to getting the process right, achieving the highest price possible with the least amount of stress.  We can ensure that our client’s property is seen in the right places, preparing it for market and presenting it in a way that appeals to buyers and their sensibilities. 

If your property has real 'added value' that gives it an edge over similar looking ones, then marketing should promote the differences those extra benefits will make to its new occupier's life. We ensure your advert never fails to stir the emotions of its readers and entice the right clientele.


At Lotos International, we aim to take care of all aspects of the property sale for you. We will advertise the property for sale (both online and in traditional media), court potential buyers, arrange and conduct property viewings, negotiate with potential buyers on your behalf and work to maximise the property sale price. 


With extensive connections across the UK, we research on our client’s behalf. We look at which agents our clients need to achieve the best price in a specific location and review valuations to ensure that the price range is correct.

We then look at the best marketing strategy for our clients, the selling price, advertisements and property presentation to achieve the maximum sales price.


Our expertise at negotiating is one reason why clients return to us again and again.  We will secure the best terms for our clients with the agents to achieve the maximum selling price but often also negotiating a significant reduction in fees.


Communications with all parties are left in our capable hands.  Clients are always kept up to date with progress and developments.


We can recommend the best legal services and law firms for our clients.  We work with the appointed firm and our clients to ensure the conveyancing system progresses at a good pace and runs smoothly.


The internet is a key tool with today’s savvy consumers, with 90% now using it in the search for the perfect property.  We ensure that our client’s properties are represented with the correct images to entice potential purchasers to organise viewings.

Property staging is all part of the service we offer, preparing your home for photography to advise the best layout, de-cluttering and best angles to shoot from.  


If preferred, we can undertake our client’s viewings at convenient times which provide the least disruption to your daily life.  This allows viewers to view the property uninterrupted with no distractions.

A planned and prepared viewing will provide the least disruption to you whilst enhancing the impact your property has on your prospective purchaser.


We ensure that purchasers mortgages are approved in principal and in a situation that finances are guaranteed before we carry out any viewings.  This prevents any time wasting for our clients and confirms that all viewers are in a position to move forward with the purchase as soon as they find the property they like.

The next step is the property survey to confirm the valuation. Once, this is completed to the purchasers mortgage company satisfaction, the purchase can proceed and a formal offer will be made.  From this point clients can move forward to exchange, then completion.

The Chain

The chain refers to all the purchasers and sellers involved in the sale property.  It is important for us to establish a firm chain for our clients and as if one section breaks, the whole chain collapses.  We work with all parties to ensure that firm completion dates are established so everyone involved in the chain is working towards the same goal from the outset.  Completion dates are usually no longer than 28 days from the date of exchange.

Post Sale

It is common and polite practice to provide the new owners with instructions for appliances, central heating etc.


We offer an extensive after-care service to help make your move as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Our property management service can help make moving home an easy and seamless experience, taking care of utility transfers, legal consignments, transfer of your personal items and arranging any services you need so that you can settle quickly into your new home and focus on what’s most important, you.